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Laboratorios Ferrer España


Ferrer is an international pharmaceutical company with a presence in more than 110 countries in the fields of pharmacy, health, chemical and food. With a turnover of over 600 million euros, it is recognized as one of the most innovative firms in the fields of pain, inflammation and digestive.



Analysis of the internal innovation model and evaluation of its performance, in order to make improvements in its version 2.0. Detection of deficiencies and weaknesses based on our methodology of the 5 levers to activate the intrapreneurship or coporate entrepreneurship. Complete reinforcement and improvement plan ensuring the involvement of the participants, the alignment with the new strategic plan or the effective resolution of challenges in parallel, among others.

Development of innovation in collaboration with multidisciplinary teams of the company. Development of sessions of ideation, creativity, innovation and detection of insights and opportunities, to create projects of change, evolution and impact.