Catalunya Caixa is a bank with 3,6 million individual and business clients, focused on offering a very personalized retail bank service. Its consolidate assets reach a total amount of more than 50.000 million euro and is the result of the integration of Caixa d’Estalvis de Catalunya, Caixa Tarragona y Caixa Manresa.


We provide methods and knowledge, we train and accompany the manager teams to turn the Clubs Sant Jordi in CX spaces, where their activity was originally offering leisure activities for the elder but finally focused on community development for the young people. The final objective that we reached was to turn them into business units, with their own business management, to offer a private service with public vocation that is self-sustaining with an own income statement.

To execute it, Active Development offered a training workshop for every unit’s manager, counseling on every center’s business planning and a personalized following and coaching to every working team.