LINK CARE is an innovative company in the field of telemedicine. It is providing effective solutions to integrate health system agents in order to reduce costs and resources spent while increasing the quality of life of patients. It is powered by the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona, a hospital founded in 1906. Through almost all medical and surgical specialties, the hospital carries out activities in the area of care, research and teaching, either directly or through related companies. The hospital has a long tradition of research which places itself as a respected institution, both nationally and internationally.


The challenge was developing a feasibility and risks analysis for launching this pioneer project. Active Development provided the project team leader with the tools to set goals, find resources, monitor and ensure effective implementation. Our team was integrated with the project team to conduct an opportunity analysis framed around the emerging field of telemedicine. The feasibility of the new unit and its future performance was converted into a comprehensive business plan and presentation for investors and developers.