Reig Capital Group manages the investments of the Reig Moles family. It has International presence on the following sectors: real estate, tobacco, banking, hotels and private qeuity (industry, fashion, luxury, editorial, etc.).

Reig Capital Group has as a social HQ the Principado de Andorra, where it centralises the management of its International inversions. Reig Capital creates or transfers its International teams where their business interests are, so they can strengthen their inversions in every country, while they are developing.


Active Development coordinated one of the most important projects in Andorra, from its conception, definition and Planning to face a round of inversion.

Still deveolping, it has an expected inversion of moret han 50 million euros. It is found between the most innovative initiatives in the world, due to concept and impact, collaborating with International partners with huge recognition. Active development coordinates and developed the innovation unit thanks to the knowledge and experience they have regarding to innovative International centers.