We design strategies and implement techniques to sell more.

We strengthen your COMMERCIAL capacity and performance so you increase your SALES.

A full business advice, structured in a stage of analysis (strategy) and support (technical).

Our strategy to sell more

1 – We perform a deep ANALYSIS and issue a DIAGNOSIS.

  • It is crucial to analyze your type of target custuomers and their need or problem.
  • We study your value proposition and how your current product or service works.
  • We perform an x-ray to your current sales tools, coming into your business model, your marketing strategies as well as all operational aspects such as speech, prices and discounts, communication or channels.
  • We issue a diagnosis with proposals, actions, improvements and an implementation schedule. We take into account your strengths, opportunities and environmental opportunities, as well as other models of success in your industry and others. We provide high-impact techniques such as cross selling or prescription programs.

Our technique to sell more

2 – We ACCOMPANY you and your sales team, because the road is not enough, we must learn to navigate. We ensure that you will achieve the objectives, we help you holistically in 6 levels:

  1. EDGE-TEST each participant allowing them to identify with the styles of communication and sales for those who are most gifted. It is answered in just 20 minutes and the results are spectacular, generating a full report to be individually presented in a meeting with one of our certified experts. This gives them emotional self-management resources as well as identifying customer patterns, facilitating interaction and relationships with others. The test results support the rear accompaniment, which is a key for our team to be more effective.
  2. One-to-one INTERVIEW with one of our Senior Managers for a commercial capacity contrast, a review of the current practice and an analysis of the energy levels.
  3. SKILLS MAP to develop, taking into account individual and group assessment. The aim is to develop your emotional intelligence so that you can increase your commitment and motivation, and consequently its ability to achieve results and performance.
  4. WORKSHOP with the team to promote two dimensions: Enhance personal growth through self-knowledge, motivation, commitment and emotional intelligence.
  5. INDIVIDUAL COACHING to help monitor each participant individually and ensuring the implementation of the new skills and establish habits.
  6. TRADE COMITTEE, either newly created or existing. We participate weekly in this management organ accompanying the responsible person when monitoring and coordination of their sales teams. It allows you to set goals, evaluate performance and take action in time.

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We boost your COMMERCIAL capacity and performance so that you increase your SALES. A complete advice, structured in a stage of ANALYSIS to define a DIAGNOSIS and a STRATEGY, and another one of more TECHNICAL ACCOMPANIMENT in which we work together in your day to day, as it is detailed next.

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