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Corporate Entrepreneurship

The entrereneurship from real entrepreneurs: we are the leading entrepreneurship consulting firm in Spain, with more than 15 years of experience and 200 success stories in 16 countries.

Entrepreneurship for companies

independently of their size or industry, that want to innovate through intrapreneurship or collaborating with entrepreneurs (CORPORATE ENTREPRENEURSHIP).

Entrepreneurship for Institutions

that want to promote it in the society.

Entrepreneurship for Entrepreneurs

that want to boost their projects.

Using our own methodology, we design  programs and we offer advise and training for your teams (IN), nex to platforms and events  in order to collaborate with startups (OUT): accelerators, incubators, contests, competitions, hackathons, corporate venturing,  or for excample, corporate building based on spin-outs.

In AD we speak the entrepreneurship and corporate languages, because we have direct experience from both worlds. In addition, we do it in a special way, extremely practical, and always together with you and co-creating. Organizations learn doing it by themselves, with changes of attitude and evolving their innovation culture. We bring the advise that you will not find in books and the most common mistakes that nobody has told you before.

Entrepreneurship for Companies (Corporate Entrepreneurship)

Emprendimiento Corporativo Empresas Intraemprendimiento Active Development

The constant changing environment of today demands more innovation velocity, agility, and flexibility to companies. AD transforms your organization utilizing the techniques from entrepreneurs,  in two dimensions:

INTERNAL (IN): through our intrapreneurship progams taylor-made for your organization, your culture and values. The intrapreneurs will emerge, and will have a safe itinerary in order to be able to dream and develop their innovation projects. A system that is democratic and allows to detect opportunities and capitalize them, while we provoke a cultural change.

The benefits for the intrapreneur are clear, he is more motivated, he is recognized, get to know people from other profiles, amplifies the reach of his work, within others. For the company, apart from the benefits that are obvious, it also allows to discover talent, retain the people that are more proactive, generate a healthy internal competition spirit, improve the cross coordination while adapting its culture to new times.

EXTERNAL (OUT): collaborating with startups, to learn, collaborate and incorporate innovation from the most dynamic startups of the market. We create innovation communities and we connect with entrepreneurship ecosystems through organisms (incubators and accelerators), platforms (hackathons, competitions, contests) and specific events.

We also create investment mechanisms in startups (corporate venturing), where we involve ourselves in the boost and follow up of initiatives, that can be spin outs or external. In addition, we do it in way that is neutral and objective, without conflict of interests, as we do not own investment mechanisms.

The 5 levers of the Corporate Entrepeneurship

We are the creators of the 5 levers of the Corporate Entrepreneurship, that we show in our book “IMPULSO” . Based on multiple success stories, it is the definitive system to have the corporate entrepreneurship that delivers innovation in a systematic and sustainable way. 

We deliver a personalized analysis, a diagnostic and a program that include tools, solutions and advice that are structured in 5 levers:

• Lever 1:  The Strategy:
We define a direction, stablish a leadership and have a clear idea about our objectives and how to achieve them.

• Lever 2: The Ecosystem:
We include people and organizational culture, the management of the knowledge, the organizational structure and internal processes.

• Lever 3: Capturing and Filtering:
We detect and generate ideas, we select in a systematic and professional way the real “opportunities”. We conceptualize the potentical business, we validate it and refine it, and we do a first feasability analysis. We will combine different steps, concepts and tools so you finally have a complete portfolio of projects with potentical. Projects where to invest and that have a high potential to become a reality.

• Lever 4: The Start Up 
Methodology and pragmatic tools to take our projects to the market. The objective is to obtain performance and generate income from them.

• Lever 5: The Control Panel:
The control panel is an executive tool that will be key to control and see the evolution of our processes related to the corporate entrepreneurship. It will add an objective point of view to our decisions and help in our strategic decisions.

Some of our Success Stories

For Institutions

Emprendimiento para Instituciones Active Development

In Active Development we offer a wide range of activities that have a high impact for the institutions that want to grow their entrepreneurship spirit within the society. With a wide variety of participants, from teenagers in schools to entrepreneurs and managers, we have organized events, workshops, lectures and competitions. Throughout Spain and in other countries in collaboration with local institutions in Santiago de Chile, Medellin, Lisbon, Miami and Casablanca.

Discover some of our Success Stories

For Entrepreneurs


We offer a wide range of services to enhance and accelerate their projects in its different stages of development, through a practical approach with cutting edge methodologies and tools:

1. RESTLESS entrepreneurs who are looking for business ideas. Do you think there are opportunities and still see them from outside?

Not every business idea represents a business opportunity. Both entrepreneurs and large corporations need to detect, analyze, filter and select real opportunities. Our combined method will bring you a professional, senior, expert insight and loyal partner. It’s not only important how you satisfy a need or solve a problem, we must also know how to evaluate personal aspects such as team skills or their natural behavioral profile.

2. Designing your BUSINESS MODEL. Still not having the engine that will make your business profitable and sustainable?

2 out of 3 new business projects fail due to lack of income and it does not happen because the business model has not been adequately defined. Your idea, by itself, has no value. It is worthless until it becomes a reliable and sustainable business model. We have specialized experts in Business Model Canvas methodology to design your model and thereby identify your engine of growth and the key factors that will lead to success.

3. Applying LEAN STARTUP techniques to gain speed and reduce risks. We validate key assumptions that will make your business a success story

We will apply the LEAN method to experiment directly with the customer, learn from the market and validate your value proposition. We design a process with key indicators so that we can iterate, gaining speed and knowledge, allowing you to focus your efforts exclusively on what the customer really appreciates. This is the antidote to avoid doing a business plan far from what the market demands, often oriented to a product and won’t get you anywhere as a company. We work based on what works today, not what might hopefully work in the future.

4. Developing the BUSINESS PLAN and PRESENTATION to sell your project. Do not sail without direction, trace the route to success and convince employees, partners and investors.

Just as you should not build a house without knowing architecture, you should not start a business without knowing the keys of business management. Ponder, analyze and design a professional and comprehensive plan that reduces risks, monitors your performance, makes decisions and ultimately rules your initiative in a professional manner. It allows you to sell and communicate the potential effectively and convincingly, plus you will save an absolutely irreplaceable resource, your time. Learn from practice with over 2,000 entrepreneurs, from successful cases, avoiding the errors that they don’t teach in books, using the latest techniques of business management. Our mentors will guide you in the AD itinerary so you turn your idea into reality.

5. The ENTREPRENEUR DIVAN offers advice on practical tutorials. A personal trainer, mentor, coach, counselor and fellow traveler.

A suitable advice at any stage of development through sessions of 60 minutes with an intense and executive nature. The figure of the personal adviser who accompanies you on your adventure, providing contacts, expertise, support, contrast and energy when you need it. The method is similar to a personal trainer in the world of high-level sport: We will push you further than you might to on your own. Our goal is to prepare you, help you think, inspire you, encourage you, persuade you and especially unlock what holds you back. In other words, we will do whatever it takes to obtain better results for you and your business. We use a very practical approach, based on “Learn by Doing” and “Do it yourself”, using only what works it will truly evolve your company and your equipment.

Some of our Success Stories

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