The coaching that your team needs

Our coaching is a personal accompaniment that HELPS YOU DEVELOP PERSONALLY AND PROFESSIONALLY to achieve new results in the shortest time possible. It can be a single service or for a specific group, combining and enhancing synergies and competencies for high yields as a team.

As an optional complement to our COACHING, we offer the analysis of the individual behavior through our ADA EVALUATION , we identify patterns and skills that allow us to diagnose the keys to your future success. We design a personal itinerary and will accompany you on your path, strengthening your emotional intelligence, improving your performance and increasing your commitment and motivation.

Our methodology is similar to a PERSONAL TRAINER in the world of high-level sport: We will demand him more than what he will require of himself. Our goal is to prepare you, help you think, inspire, encourage, persuade and especially unlock what holds you back. Together we will make your company and you get better results. A very practical approach, based on the “Learn by Doing” and the “Do it yourself”, using only what works and you will truly evolve and achieve your goals.

GUIDED MEDITATION space is created where the participant or ‘coachee’ looks in the mirror and detects his limiting beliefs. You can explore new alternatives and new ways of being and doing in a safe and confidential environment. It is about “rescuing” the strengths that make you special and that unaided you would hardly have identified and promoted them.

Some of the benefits of our coaching service achieved by our clients are:

● Provide information and knowledge of your own skills to develop the potential in a methodical, structured and effective way.

● Assist the self-knowledge and effectiveness of personal leadership to lead multidisciplinary teams.

● Contribute to personal growth, improving self-esteem and interpersonal relationships, as well as communication.

● Prepare you for your responsibilities and challenges, gaining confidence and knowledge of your strengths and limits.

● Allow the development of unity and team spirit, and discover new possibilities and talents in others.

● Help to think and plan strategically, to manage risk more effectively and create, communicate and execute the business mission.

● Set clear targets to successfully develop any project.

● Help prioritize high value tasks and delegate effectively.

● Develop a culture and own values.

Our experts are certified in internationally renowned schools, among which we can find the International Coaching Federation, the Spanish Association of Coaching (ASESCO) or Newfield, Rafael Echeverria’s School, creator of the Ontology of Language and one of the parents Ontological Coaching.