SECPhO is a cluster in Southern Europe that brings together companies, technology centres and research groups in the field of photonics and optics. They have a young and enterprising team with a range of specializations to deliver comprehensive service to its members.



“I recommend AD workshops to anyone, for its innovative design, impeccable organization and because all participants always want to repeat the experience. Choose only the best to deliver value to our partners.”

Sergio Sáez

Cluster Manager


Together with the cluster management we design a program to maximize the transfer of technology to the market. Performing different workshops, we work together with the associates to understand the functionality of their technological development, we develop valuable approaches supported in business models, we design the ways to approach the client, the key factors in the ‘go-to-market’, as well as the most common errors that cannot be found in books.

Every technological or scientific business’ challenge is to position towards the client, to be able to reach him, to communicate in a convincing way and to close a deal. Basically, it is about establishing intimate, stable and sustained relationships.