A requirement to compete in a global market.

International Markets

A requirement to compete in a global market

In an increasingly globalized economy lots of opportunities emerge around the world. There’s no doubt that the growth of your business depends increasingly on international markets, thereby Active Development wants to be your traveling partner to export your business model, your products or services.

We have offices in Miami giving coverage to the Americas and in Casablanca providing coverage to Africa. We have the capacity to implement projects worldwide, beyond our offices, with experience in Chile, Colombia, Qatar, Portugal, France and UK.

Currently, our operational capacity is highlighted in Morocco as well as our experience. It is a market in which we continue to reap success stories thanks to our strong network of contacts and our experience.

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Do you want to export to high growth and potential countries? Active Development contributes to the internationalization of many successful companies, thanks to a consolidated experience of success, a first level network  in each country and a tactical “in-situ” accompaniment.

Internationalization: Some Success Stories from our Clients.

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