Fira de Barcelona is one of the leading exhibition organizers in Europe for its activity, sites, experience and leadership . With events and exhibitions they are contributing to the economy of Barcelona and its more than 2,500 million Euros environment.

It is one of the best platforms for business, especially the international scope of business, trade promotion, networking and knowledge sharing. Aimed at business owners and entrepreneurs, the “BIZBARCELONA ” is one of the events where AD has colaborated.


Official representatives of the Fira de Barcelona in North Africa thanks to our strong presence in Casablanca, Morocco. For each faire we provide support, we assess their potential on the continent and we strengthen their marketing efforts to attract visitors and exhibitors. Finally we also perform an institutional representation in the social, economic and political spheres.

Regular participation in the act of BIZBARCELONA to offer to businessmen and entrepreneurs our knowledge and best practices that we learned through our experience in the field. AD contributes to the responsibility of all to catch up on and train new generations to further enhance the sustainable growth of our country.



“Having Joan Riera as a speaker is  a safe bet. The conference room is always overflowing and will leave no one indifferent”

Aleix Planas

Event Director Bizbarcelona