Training and Education Workshops

Our workshops are ACTIVE GROUP TRAININGS with a very practical nature and high impact. They are a very effective tool in managing the change which improve the performance of your teams. It is a perfect complement to our ADVICE AND CONSULTANCY service because it contributes to the implementation and deployment of our plans.

Any of our workshops can be complemented with our individual BEHAVIORAL EVALUATION TOOLfor assessment before the workshop to identify and detect certain talent to develop key skills. After the sessions, we offer our COACHING SERVICES (personalized support with one to one tutoring) allowing to monitor participants individually ensuring the practice to develop habits.

Our methodology ‘LEARN BY DOING’ is based on experience and active learning starring the participant, who analyzes the impact and the consequences of their own decisions and actions. Can you imagine learning to tie your shoes without even trying? It is a training that trascends and makes participants learn and remember, thanks to its direct involvement and active contribution.

Our character, rigor and EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE OVER 15 YEARS in institutions known internationally is combined with impeccable logistics to provide the ideal habitat in which to develop the key skills and personal growth of the participants. We develop CASES AND REAL PRACTICES OF YOUR INDUSTRY AND BUSINESS, allowing immediate application of what they have learned into everyday practice. This results in increased performance, motivation and commitment.

Active Development has trained MORE THAN 7,500 PEOPLE offering proven effective standard formats, although we have maximum flexibility to design or adopt fully customized formats according to your interests and needs. Some examples are:

1. PAPER of maximum two hours in high capacity format.

2. CAPSULE type workshop, an intensive workshop in small groups lasting 2 to 3 hours.

3. Workshop in small groups, lasting HALF DAY (maximum duration of 5 hours or half a day) or FULL DAY (from 5-10 hours to full time).

4. Program of 2-3 days, with an option to do so outside offices on a Weekend or Retreat format.

5. Program of 3 days + 3 days, an expanded format with an option of development, monitorisation and evaluation of projects during the program.

6. Other flexible custom formats.

Flexibility means that we can carry out training with PC support for all participants and practice with online tools, carry out or replicate workshops across Spain in our five areas of tested training facilities or anywhere in the world in French or English, or act fully integrated in their department of Training or Human Resources.

Our programs develop something fundamental that cannot be bought or hired: attitude and enthusiasm. We invite your team to discover its true potential, so they do not act like what they are, but as what they can become developing their full potential.

Tell me and I will forget,

Show me and I will remember,

Let me participate and I will understand.

– Confucius –