A new generation consultancy and advice that makes us special

Discover a new method of business advice that gives you maximum guarantees to develop your business in a healthy and sustainable way.

Nothing to do with the classical consultancy, find out why through the 10 + 1 reasons explained below:

1. We are not consultants, we are BUSINESSMEN, and we show it. We have the ability to think like shareholders, unlike consultants who have never worked in a company. Our whole team without exception has direct experience, we know what we are talking about because we serve as an example: we have gone through where you’re going.

2. We are TRANSVERSAL, with experience and success in multiple sectors. That’s why we can see things that your team does not see, providing breakthrough capacity, more radical innovation, more impact and more value.

3. Do not settle and access a PREMIUM boutique service. You will feel a personal and exquisite treatment, because regardless of the project, it is always important to us. You will deal with senior, committed and confident executives.

4. We are CONNECTED by personal networks and institutional arrangements, giving you access to great opportunities, from finding a partner to a new customer. We have a base of over 3,000 companies and associations, technology parks, research centers and of course networking business schools such as ESADE and IESE Business School.

5. We have TECHNIQUES and TOOLS to make you think, design new strategies and get amazing results.

6. We are AHEAD because we combine this advice with elite teaching in business schools which are internationally known. Learn from the best.

7. Customers also highlight our FLEXIBILITY thanks to our size, capabilities and overall customer orientation.

8. GLOBAL nature and used to working in a multicultural environment and anywhere in the world. Experience in training sessions in multinational companies, we have got groups of 50 with more than 40 nationalities.

9. We assume a high COMMITMENT with you, our empathy and trust relationship lasts for years. We try to be in your shoes to inject you our decisive, independent and enforceable nature.

10. TOTAL CUSTOMER ORIENTATION, with some American character, focusing on your income, shareholder profitability and value of your company.

+1 Highly competitive FEES in contrast to classical consultancy models based on billing hours of people on the payroll. Active Development is focused on goals, we go side by side with you in your operations and your satisfaction becomes our obsession