We help companies build and drive competitive advantages that can generate measurable growth and drive profits. In order to deliver long term sustainable value, we bring the right people together to challenge change and transformation in organizations.


Founded in 1999 within the ESADE business school by a group of alumni, Active Development grew through the demand of “special operations” teams by large corporations. We bring to our clients something unheard of until now: faster units with more flexibility than their parent organization, with result-oriented teams who have strong implementation capacity, comprised by a few but highly trained members. We begun exploring opportunities, then we streamlined projects and finally we saw ourselves becoming true companions cooperating to create new business units.


We generate value to our customers impacting their sales, their innovation and/or managing their growth.

We seek competitive advantages in our customers and exploit them strategically through consulting and training.

International locations in Barcelona (Spain), Miami (USA) and Casablanca (Morocco), a global approach with local focus.

We offer more than 15 years of experience, from different industries and from different company sizes. With a unique network of industry leading experts we have in our portfolio more than 800 successful projects. We are a symbol of excellence.

Our DNA, our values is what makes us unique

We are truly proud and fortunate to have the opportunity to help companies transform themselves intelligently, quickly and permanently.

Our culture has been built up over the years and is based on excellent customer service. We strive, always and in everything we do, to be number one and to do it better than anyone else by creating a sense of belonging and pride within our organization.

Our DNA is what sets us apart and makes us unique, it’s in the genes:

CLIENTS COME FIRST: We partner with our customers to offer the best service to surpass their expectations, because our success is measured only by our customer’s success.

EXPERIENCE: Over 15 years of experience helping companies grow. We bring value and build long lasting relationships with our customers.

SENIOR EXPERTISE: We offer our customers a unique network of industry leading Senior Experts that will fully develop our customer’s potential.

HERITAGE: More than 800 projects successfully completed makes a reliable choice for any potential customer.

CLOSENESS: We are by your side, ready to listen and empathize. We practice what we preach. At Active Development, you will find people more than willing to give you a hand.

CROSS-SECTOR: We bring to the table our experience from different sectors and industries: pharmaceutical, health, tourism, real state among others.

DIVERSITY: We are international but with a local approach, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, and with offices in Miami (USA) and Casablanca (Morocco), we offer our experience to our customers from different sizes, as well us from different cultures.

INTEGRITY: We treat our clients, suppliers and partners with respect, honesty and clarity.

CSR: As part of our projects for our clients we actively contribute to their social and economic betterment to improve their competitiveness.

Our DNA is engraved in every member of our team, click here to get to know us.

The goal is that managers and directors find a committed partner in Active Development with a winning spirit that harbours a passion for adventure, not only contributing with their knowledge and strength, but also with their heart. We play to win.