March AD tips 2014

Biz Barcelona 2013

Biz Barcelona 2013

The public presentation: don’t make it a routine

While the speech has been tested thoroughly and you have memorized the moves that are needed to be made, often the audience does not connect with the speaker. The reasons: one believes it has been done correctly as planned, but in reality often is not, or is not well structured. Therefore we will provide a series of tips to help in presenting in public:

1. The presentation should be entertaining with a first phase to capture attention, motivate after, and then structure and order it to present ideas.

2. It should give importance to the voice, both in its tone and in its speed, share out the look with the audience and use proper body language with hands.

3. Some techniques can also be used to capture public attention and involvement as use of direct questions, use of quotations, attractive audiovisual material with little information (to avoid replacing the presenter), and make use of pauses.

In Active we will train you to sell your idea in two minutes. We work each of the key points for the success of your presentation. Practice with us.