About Tec&Web

    Tec&Web, located in Sant Cugat del Vallès, is a company that provides ERP solutions, including a own software named YiQi which is a business modeler planner (BMP) that goes beyond a standard ERP. YiQi was developed in Argentina, country where this software is good established since big corporations such as Telefonica Argentina are using it. Tec&Web have recently begun to market it in Spain with a promising future. Moreover the company also offers Business Intelligence and digital marketing services.

    our services

    Active Development has assisted in the development of the strateic plan 2016-2020 in which it has been established priority lines of business, objectives and its composition in the short, medium and long term.

    An X-ray to the commercial area was also performed, from strategy, tactics to marketing tools. The sales team was analyzed with our own assessment methodology. Based on the study findings we helped Tec&Web’s direction to set the strategy and define its deployment. That information also allowed us to elaborate a specific and personalized training for Tec&Web’s commercial team to develop the necessary skills to become a high performance team. Finally, and individual coaching accompaniment was performed to support and strengthen commercials for achieving the ambitious goals set.



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