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Methodology Active Development

We activate your results with our Active Trainer methodology. Conceived from over 400 successful cases, this methodology allows us to train your organization to achieve the best results such as a top professional athlete undergoing intensive training would achieve. In the same way that there are safe paths to climb Mount Everest, there are proven ways and tools to help improve your competitiveness.

Active Trainer

Our methodology is based on an itinerary for your company in which we analyse, diagnose and execute a personalized action plan covering different areas of your organization. It integrates cutting-edge management tools and techniques geared towards obtaining results in the shortest time possible. The method is similar to that of a personal trainer for high competitive sports: we will push you far beyond your limits by demanding you more than what you demand for yourself. Our goal is to prepare, help, inspire, encourage and persuade you in order to eliminate all the things that hold you back. A very practical approach, based on the “Learn by Doing” and “Do it yourself” techniques, we utilize only what works to ensure that your company and your teams will develop.

Why Active Development

We act out from the beginning to the end

We plan the best strategy, work together and execute plans with you day by day while maintaining focus on the long-term goals.

We get “down and dirty” with you

We accompany you in the field while focusing on a practical approach.


Our services and tools as well as our expertise bring high results in a minimal time.


We are specialists focusing on business growth with a portfolio of over 400 satisfied customers.

We offer total flexibility

Team members from multiple fields customize solutions that can be integrated into your business.

Premium' high level of service

An experienced partner provides a more personal and direct interaction experience for you.


Our approach will ensure that your expectations are reached at 100%, offering only what your company needs.

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