Innovation Management

Active Development will help you boost and manage your innovation with a professionalized execution, thanks to our propietary methodology and tools. We adapt to your innovation cycle with very powerful solutions, no matter if you start innovating today, or if you are a big corporation and have your own innovation department.

We make your innovation profitable

You have just accessed the most complete Innovation Program in the market, welcome. We design the best formula to BOOST THE CORPORATE INNOVATION of your business. It will impact your income thanks to our propietary methodology, integrating solutions and using pragmatic tools. Tools as effective as the Open Innovation, the Design Thinking, the Corporate Venturing, SCRUM, Agile or the Lean Startup.

Most imporantly, Profitable. We specialize in turning ideas into business, which is what the shareholder asks for. If creativity does not generate business, we are not innovating. We do not lose sight from the colateral benefits too, that sometimes end up being the main ones: the change of attitude due to a cultural change, with eagerness and energy.

Anyway, what the customers most appreciate is our constant advice in the stages of implantation and deployment, where we guarantee results and avoid the most common mistakes.


OBJECTIVES of our innovation programs
ACTIONS to boost your innovation
INNOVATE with start-ups and undertaking with your employees
(Intrapreneurship or Corporate Entrepreneurship)
BENEFITS of our innovation programs
ATTRIBUTES of our innovation programs





OBJECTIVES of our innovation programs

We have to make your innovation a constant and systematic action based on the attitude of doing new things and overcoming the challenges that has adding value to the customers , for the company and society.

Design and start an innovation program bringing vision, involving and motivating the team, defining a roadmap, stablishing objectives and measuring results and performance.

• Divulge a new culture of the innovation .

Evolve towards a broad innovation, continuous and systematic , that is generated naturally based on a suitable ecosystem. 

• Boost the innovation capacity  of your teams, generating and capturing knowledge through the creation of systems using the experimentation of the users, or through observation of new platforms, tools and contents that are tested in the company. 

Train the team, giving them tools and knowledge , develop the competencies needed to achieve the objectives of the program. 

Start up, management and direction of the corporate innovation.

• It is essential that the ideas get to the market and the innovation is profitable . The innovation is not only invention (novelty), the innovation is also commercial (utility, market value). 

Share knowledge whithin the different users  through the use of common platform and exchange formulas inside the processes.

Permeate the organization in order to capture value from the environment , that is evolving in a faster pace than our organization.

Innovation: some success stories from our clients




ACTIONS to boost your innovation

A set of initiatives are proposed below, which should not be viewed as watertight compartments but as different systems that can be deployed in time or complement initiatives already used in the organization. It will be the mission of the innovation direction to prioritize and give them the appropriate relevance. The incorporation of contents should be progressive depending on the available opportunities.

INNOVATION BOOSTER - Active Development

We will evolve the culture of your organization, gaining dynamism, innovation attitude and entrepreneurship spirit.  Coming from the innvation formula = idea (invention) + start up with success, the initiatives proposed here affect the innovation of products, but also the services and the processes. Anyway, an organization is not more innovative if its people do not adopt an innovation attitude, and this is why some of the initiatives coming next are focused on working individually or collectively with the people. We think that only innovative teams will be able to bring the innovation needed to your business in a sustainable way.

INNOVATE with start-ups and undertaking with your employees (Intrapreneurship or Corporate Entrepreneurship)

We are leaders in Corporate Entrepreneurship in Spain, boosting the innovation of our customers through to main venues:

1. The intrapreneurship: We transform your organization boosting the entrepreneurship. A cultural change to inject  energy and enthusiasm, with guided itineraries in where the users live their own entrepreneurial adventure. These are programs that are tailor made and inspire, impact and move people to innovate in a natural and systematic way.

2. The collaboration with start-ups: Learn with the most agile, fleixable and dynamic of your environment. We create  habitats in which organizations and start-ups collaborate to grow together. We take the big corporations to the world of entrepreneurship, so they can adopt their values, characater, management systems and agile methodologies.

Get to know our propietary methodology of
and how we can boost the entpreneurship in your organization.

BENEFITS of our innovation programs

We will make your organization  innovative, agile, adaptative and dynamic, making it an industry reference .

• Increase the quality and velocity of the innovation  with new proposals that generate growth.

• Identify and activate latent innovators, ready to provoke and lead a change.

Promote the culture of innovation. Promote the culture of innovation in your business to attract and retain talent.

• More bonding and compromise from the team.

• More return from the salary cost: Employees bring something more than just their job.

• Generate  healthy internal competition.

• Know and bring problems and apportunities inside the organization.

• Boost the transversality and the communication between departments through common projects.

• Learn from other success stories:

ATTRIBUTES of the innovation program

Physical and digital scope. Initiatives are fusions in the physical and the digital areas as the essence of a physical reality and a digital world increasing its presence. The physical area is needed as a way to make the tangible value and meaning of the project. The physical space is also justified as the place where you can test pilot tools and methodologies, and systematically observe their behavior, usage and value, as well as being the place that allows these methodologies and tools to reach a large number of people.

Imagination, creation and exchange of ideas (bottom up) as a core concept. Innovation booster should be a project where people can imagine new concepts, develop them by creating tangible or intangible concepts and, above all, share them. You must have the desire to share your beneficiaries’ knowledge, so that different tools, methodologies and sensations launched from its definition should contemplate the idea of sharing the experience and results.

Experimentation (learning by doing) as a basis for learning and as a new form of knowledge. You must incorporate two basic components: the ease and the excitement. Any interaction with the innovation must be made from an emotional component and without complications, showing the nicer side of innovation. The experimental message must be enriching and emotional to succeed and generate content and value with a positive impact for the organization.

Contribution (bidirectional): Participants/beneficiaries should contribute and lend their knowledge to colleagues who can benefit from it. The individual contributions should be channeled for other users to learn, as the essence of the process of “give to get”.

Openness and communication. Innovation booster should be adaptable to the trends and innovations of users and their suppliers, and should collaborate and network with organizations and initiatives that are part of its strategy. As an open system, it must also host innovative products and services aligned with its objectives.

•  Sustainability and professionalism. Innovation booster is based on a model that should allow it to grow and renew itself, but, at the same time, ensure that all the resources that generate, return part of it to the project. To do this, it needs to be managed with professional standards of management and profitability. Users must perceive the value received and also contribute to their sustenance, although at first they must incorporate funding formulas for its launch.

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